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These days, everyone seems to be talking about Chris Pavlou, the charismatic owner of Radius-Valpo, Maple + Bacon, Tommy B’s, and the Abbey. Pavlou’s Northwest Indiana restaurants have become legendary for their remarkable food, high-spirited service, and insatiable drive to please the customer. With his uncanny talent for knowing what people want, Pavlou’s venues have earned him a reputation for having a golden touch!

Pavlou mentions he doesn’t look at other restaurants as competition. He competes against himself. Whether it’s creating a new recipe, booking music, or making improvements to his dining space. Pavlou believes a great customer experience requires an insatiable drive to get better. Being a member of Pavlou’s team is a badge of honor, which is evident in the high level of enthusiasm from his servers, hosts, cooks, and busboys.

The Secret Sauce!

Pavlou’s secret recipe is the culture of his restaurants. Pavlou doesn’t believe his restaurants compete with other restaurants. The Pavlou Restaurant Group puts their focus on being the best you can be, and believe you’re only competing with yourself. This philosophy of self-motivation is the impetus for a wonderful work environment and remarkable service.

At the cornerstone of the Pavlou Restaurant Group is his business model and his talent for creating a remarkable experience. The Pavlou Restaurant Group’s success is earned one customer at a time.

Radius – Valpo

Just drive by Radius and it’s sure to be jam-packed with happy, smiling people. The excitement must be contagious—or perhaps it’s just the Radius cocktails and delicious craft beer. But even the customers are nice! Ask people what they recommend and you’ll get an energetic answer. People love the Radius menu! You’ll find something for everyone… from signature sandwiches to the All-American Burger. Chris even has a huge following for his Keto menu.

Driven to Create a Remarkable Outdoor Dining Experience

The desire to innovate new recipes is driven by the insatiable drive to create a fresh experience for loyal fans. The food and drink menus change often because people anticipate innovation.

His creative recipes are especially popular with the outdoor dining crowd. Chef Chris considers himself an artist, and his burger the canvas. His creativity knows no bounds! The charismatic chef uses the freshest ingredients to infuse extraordinary cocktails and tropical drinks—perfect for a night of alfresco dining!

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Radius | Valpo’s Best Bloody Mary Is Perfect for Outdoor Fun!

The insatiable desire to please customers doesn’t stop with innovative recipes found in his diverse menu. Chef Chris set up his family restaurant in a location that is as extraordinary as his palette. Downtown Valpo’s historic district is a special place, and Radius has the best view in town for a little people-watching. Nothing beats al fresco dining at Radius!

That’s entertainment! The live entertainment at Radius taps into some of the region’s most gifted acts. Radius earned a top-pick nomination for Valpo’s best music venue!

Everything about Radius is fun. Even waiting for an outdoor dining table can be an adventure! Radius recently doubled the size of its bar. So with a fresh selection of craft beer, cocktails, and delicious wines, waiting for outdoor seating is a delicious, fun experience!

Maple + Bacon

A signature characteristic of Pavlou’s restaurants is getting what you want, the way you want and where you want.

Maple + Bacon features four innovative dining spaces, each carefully designed to make every visit satisfying. Even our coffee express comes with a smile and tasty options, including the finest selection of aromatic coffees, and the freshest choice of pastries, muffins, croissants, bagels, and scones.

But while people love this breakfast restaurant for its innovative space and coffee, make no mistake about it, it’s the breakfast and brunch that earns the star attraction.

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Tommy B’s

For people in Valpo, Tommy B’s location is perfect for a get-a-way feel while still being just 6 minutes away. For people that live in Aberdeen, paradise is in their own backyard! Ideally positioned across the street from the Aberdeen Inn and a few blocks from the Aberdeen Golf Course, Tommy B’s is known for its cozy outdoor dining and its two-sided bar experience.

Tommy B’s serves pizza, hamburgers, flatbreads, and lake perch with a unique style infused with the traditions and culture of Aberdeen’s history. This restaurant with outdoor drinking includes a tasteful wine menu, seasonal craft beers, and handmade drinks. Fans of Tommy B’s have a choice of a sports bar and a lounge. For a wonderful experience and high-spirited fun, make plans for Tommy B’s.

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The Abbey

The chic and swanky restaurant near Valparaiso is the perfect restaurant for casual dining. Its star attraction is the steaks, but the Abbey Restaurant has a huge following for his seafood. Most people end up getting both. It’s that good!
While the Abbey Restaurant is considered one of the best restaurants near Valparaiso, more and more people are visiting the Abbey Restaurant and the Abbey Tavern for its great choice of American Comfort Food.

Offerings include eclectic cocktails, a small European focused wine list, and seasonal craft beer. For years, the Abby Tavern was the hidden destination for Northwest Indiana’s chic and swanky, but the secret is out… the best place for a drink and appetizers is in Aberdeen.

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